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Message Tips

Writing an effective subject


  • Clearly describe the topic of the message. Staff will only see the subject in The Regular Dose email, so it needs to be specific and accurately represent the message.

  • Keep it concise. The character limit is 70.

  • Avoid acronyms that may not be understood by everyone.

  • Bear in mind that the audience is all WSLHD staff, so if the message is about a particular facility, mention the facility.

  • Use sentence case (capital for the first letter of the first word), not all capitals.

Writing an effective message


  • Include the most important information upfront, not at the end of the message.

  • Make the call to action clear, if there is one.

  • Keep it concise. The word limit is 250.

  • Focus on your audience – it’s more about what they need to know than what you want to tell them.

  • Don't include unnecessary detail – direct readers to a webpage or contact person for more information.

  • Use headings and paragraphs to break up the content.

  • Ensure you include the necessary details – e.g. date, time, location and RSVP for events.

  • If using acronyms, use the full name followed by the acronym in brackets, e.g. Electronic Medical Records (eMR), for the first instance.

  • Use plain English and avoid jargon.

  • Be professional but avoid unnecessary formality to keep your message interesting and engaging.

Tips for both


  • Ensure your subject and message are free from typos and grammatical errors.

  • If you mention a day and date (e.g. Thursday 15 March), make sure it’s correct.

  • Avoid mentioning the year unless it’s part of a title or is necessary to avoid confusion.

Message Guidelines

  • All messages must be submitted using the online Message Form below. All fields are mandatory.

  • Messages are plain text – no images, tables, flyers, attachments or hyperlinks. If you want to provide more information, include contact details and/or a webpage URL. We'll convert your URL to a hyperlink when publishing.

  • The subject is limited to 70 characters and the message is limited to 250 words.

  • Job opportunity messages must be approved by Recruitment Services before submission.

  • Messages will be published with the name of the author who is responsible for the accuracy of the content.

  • Messages must include a contact name and contact details for staff seeking more information. If the contact person is not the message author, the author must obtain their permission.

  • Messages may be edited by Corporate Communications for clarity and style.

  • Messages must be submitted before Wednesday to be published on Thursday. 

Message Form

Messages are plain text, no hyperlinks, but you can include a web page URL - we'll convert it to a hyperlink when publishing.

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