January 2020

Security awareness


Security awareness is everybody’s responsibility. We have a role in ensuring the safety and security of staff patients and visitors.


  • See something – say something.

  • Contact security for any security concerns or suspicious activity.

  • Question people not displaying ID badges or tailgating non-public areas. (Ensuring personal safety at all times)

  • If you feel threatened call for assistance immediately. This is called a CODE BLACK call. Do not take unnecessary risks.


Early recognition of an incident and a resulting effective and appropriate response can minimise the risk of injury to workers, patients and others and in some circumstances actually prevent the further escalation of a situation.


Security and emergency numbers are as follows:


  • Auburn Hospital Security – 8759 3411

  • Blacktown Hospital Security – 9881 8014

  • Cumberland Hospital Security – 9840 3046/0417 201 199

  • Mount Druitt Hospital Security – 9881 1766

  • Westmead Hospital Security – 8890 7625

  • WSLHD Code Black – 2222 - Hospital Emergency Number

  • Community Health Centres – 000 (In the event of a Code Black Incident)


To protect your personal safety and belongings:


  • Wear your ID badge at all times while you are at work so you are identifiable to other staff and patients. If you lose it report it to Security immediately so access can be cancelled.

  • Keep your access cards/keys safe and immediately report any loss so they can be cancelled to mitigate any risk of them being used inappropriately.

  • Do not leave your work areas unlocked if unattended. Close your windows and lock your doors.

  • Do not “chock’ open doors. Doors are a part of your workplace access controls to prevent unauthorised people from moving freely around the premises.

  • Carry your wallet, purse or other valuables with you or lock them away.

  • Lock your car and park as near as you can to your workplace as you can.

  • Walk in well-lit areas if it is dark and avoid isolated areas.


Contact for more information 

Joe Montuoro

0436 462 042


Submitted by Afrah Fazli on behalf of WSLHD Security

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