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May 2020

WSLHD Library training


All WSLHD Library training sessions are currently being offered virtually via phone or video conference. For details click here.  

Scheduled sessions can be booked directly via My Health Learning. Alternatively, you can request an advertised training session be arranged at a time convenient to you, or ask your Hospital librarians for a tailored one-to-one or group training session, from the Library training webpage.

The following sessions are on offer:

DEV14044 How to Manage Your References using Endnote
DEV14081 How to Get Connected with Your Library
(including remote access, mobile apps, journal alerts)
DEV14056 How to Use CIAP Most Effectively
DEV14051 How to Search for Evidence
DEV14133 How to Get Published and Demonstrate Research Impact
DEV14045 How to Search for Medical Resources
DEV14047 How to Search for Allied Health Resources
DEV14053 How to Search for Nursing Resources
DEV14055 How to Search for Drug Resources
DEV14058 How to Search for Mental Health Resources


Contact for more information

Judy Reading

02 8890 6266

Submitted by Judy Reading

Covid-19 test results in My Health Record



Covid-19 test results are uploading into HealtheNet and into My Health Record. The hope is that this may reduce the need of the patient to contact the testing service by phone as they would be able to view their results on their My Health Record. The 7 day delay that patients usually have to view their blood test results have been removed for Covid-19 testing. 

For more information on HealtheNet and My Health Record, the following resources are attached.

Statewide Pathology in HealtheNet. Private Pathology in My Health Record.

Where to access GP + Private + Interstate Hospital information on MHR - Click here.

Where to access GP + Private + Interstate Hospital information on MHR - Click here.


Contact for more information

Shaheen Badat

8644 2454


Submitted by Shaheen Badat


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