Redevelopment & Capital Works

June 2020

Power disruption - BMU


Safety works in the Behavioural Management Unit (D4c) will briefly disrupt power to the ward and adjacent areas on Wednesday 17 June.

The shutdown will impact BMU, the Aged Care InPatient Unit and nearby staff stations.

Non-essential power (white powerpoints) will continue as normal during the disruption (time to be confirmed). However, essential power (red powerpoints) will not work.

Please ensure all required equipment during this time is connected to non-essential power (white powerpoints).

Lights will not be affected as they run on a different power supply.

The three-day works program within BMU will involve opening ceiling tiles to replace and rectify mechanical dampers. Essential power will be disrupted a maximum of two hours on the first day.

Please contact the Westmead Redevelopment team on 1800 990 296 if you have any queries.

Contact for more information 

Paul Roberts

0418 834 538

Submitted by Paul Roberts

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