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December 2019

New & reviewed documents for WSLHD and NSW MoH 


New & Reviewed Documents Published WSLHD and NSW Ministry of Health Policy Directives

For WSLHD documents published in August 2019 go to the New Documents Published intranet page. To access a specific document, click here
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For NSW Ministry of Health documents, click here to access the latest Policy Directives, Information Bulletins and Guidelines. 


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Karen Rankin



Submitted by Karen Rankin

All about printing in WSLHD


Dear all,

To print new documents whether clinical or otherwise in WSLHD, please refer to the print management guideline on the intranet.

I regularly receive inquiries about printing business cards in WSLHD. To print business cards, you will need to have a Stream account first. Log in, click the search button and type in 'business' in the keyword area. once you select the item and add to cart, you will then need to click on the magnifier glass and add the details before submitting the order to your cost centre approver for approval.

All staff members are able to become become Stream users. To create a new account, please click here. Within 24 hours, you will receive an automated email with your new username and password.

To make any changes, including creating a new cost centre, adding it to your account, changing the approver or changing the delivery address of the cost centre, please refer to the FAQ page on the Printing service intranet site.

Please note, new accounts and changes can be requested but will not be processed between 20 December 2019 and 6 January 2020.

If you have moved from another local health district and already have an account with that district, please email Nora Nabi, the WSLHD StreamDirect representative for assistance: nora.nabi@tollgroup.com

If you have a Stream account and would like to fill in a print requisition form for a new order, click here.

Thank you and keep printing!

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Afrah Fazli

8890 8257


Submitted by Afrah Fazli

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