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November 2020

Deployment Expression of Interest Register on StaffLink



You may have noticed a new icon on your home screen when you log on to StaffLink. This is for the new “Deployment Expression of Interest (EOI) Register”, which has been created by NSW Health to support the mobilisation of staff where additional support is required.


What is the Deployment EOI Register?

The ‘Deployment EOI Register’ has been developed as a tool to identify staff who have expressed their interest to be deployed to areas of need for a defined period. All NSW Health staff can submit their EOI via an e-form through StaffLink. This tool will help WSLHD and the State Health Emergency Operations Centre (SHEOC) to mobilise staff in the event of a COVID-19 workforce surge response. It is anticipated that this tool will be utilised beyond COVID-19 in other health emergency responses.


Who is using the Deployment EOI Register?

All NSW Health staff, including staff across all local health districts and specialty networks, can complete the e-form in StaffLink to submit their EOI.


This information may be disclosed to other agencies in the NSW Health system including local health districts, statutory health corporations and affiliated health organisations, as well as agencies of the Health Administration Corporation such as NSW Ambulance as required to organise the deployment.


How do I use the Deployment EOI Register?

The Deployment EOI Register is an e-form which is completed via StaffLink. Please refer to Appendix 1 - How to guide for staff and managers – Deployment EOI Register for a step by step guide on how to complete this e-form.

You will be asked to highlight your:

  • date of last clinical practice,

  • training in intensive / critical care,

  • willingness to work in Aged Care facilities,

  • willingness to work in COVID clinics, and

  • willingness to be deployed to other states.


Once submitted, your form is automatically sent to your line manager via StaffLink, who is required to verify the information on this e-form.


How will my manager know I’ve submitted an EOI?

Your manager will receive a notification in their StaffLink, asking them to review and confirm the details of your EOI. It is recommended that you also discuss your EOI with your manager in person, so your manager is aware of your willingness to provide surge support.


Am I guaranteed to be deployed if I submit an EOI?

No, submitting an expression of interest does not guarantee that you will be deployed to another area. Deployments will only be activated as part of a ‘surge response’.


If your deployment is required, NSW Health will contact WSLHD to begin deployment arrangements. Any deployments must be approved by your line manager and WSLHD’s Chief Executive.


Where can I get more information?

Additional information can be found in the following attachments:

Appendix 2 – StaffLink factsheet for staff – Deployment EOI Register

Appendix 3 – StaffLink factsheet for managers – Deployment EOI Register

Christmas blood donations



Life is a gift, and you helped give it.

At WSLHD we can’t thank our incredibly generous donors enough for their unwavering support. It’s like you have the Christmas spirit of giving inside you all year round!
The perfect Christmas gift that doesn’t cost a thing

Every year when December rolls around, most of us are hit by a confusing combination of festive feelings - the joy that is Christmas and the anxiety that is buying Christmas gifts. As wonderfully uplifting as the season of giving is, it comes with a certain pressure to put something special (and unique and meaningful and personal) under the tree.
In short, wrapping up socks can leave some of us feeling like we’ve under-delivered.
So, Australian Red Cross Lifeblood has come up with something wonderful to get you through the season - it’s called the Gift of Life.

Give the Gift of Life this Christmas
Anyone who donates in December will receive a festive card to give to someone special this Christmas saying you gave blood on their behalf. So, that’s one special, unique, meaningful and personal Christmas gift ticked off the list. So long, socks!

Book your life-changing gift
To book your December donation and pick up your Gift of Life card, head to donateblood.com.au and remember to let them know you work at WSLHD so you can be part of our Lifeblood Team!

Have a wonderful festive season everybody!

Contact for more information:

Jo-Anne Greaves

0427 237 562


Submitted by Jo-Anne Greaves

Reminder: Changes to bank details updates from 7 December 2020



From 7 December 2020 HealthShare NSW will no longer be accepting manual forms via the Employee Personal Details Form, or email requests to update bank details. Instead, all bank details changes will be actioned electronically through StaffLink Employee Self Service (ESS) via Bank Details (request to amend a current transaction or add/cease a transaction).


How can I access ESS?

You can access ESS by clicking here which will take you to the log in page. ESS can be accessed remotely from different devices.


How do I update my details?

The Update Bank Details in StaffLink Knowledge Article available in SARA provides a detailed step-by-step guide on updating banking details, including a short video and images to support you.


What happens if a manual form is submitted after 7 December 2020?

If HealthShare NSW receives an Employee Personal Details form after 7 December, the form will not be processed. To provide support and knowledge where we can, we will be contacting the requestor and providing education and support on how to update the bank details in StaffLink ESS.


Further information

  • Banking Details – Employee Fact Sheet (attached): Information on why this change is occurring and how it benefits you

  • StaffLink – Employee Self Service (ESS) – Update Bank Details in StaffLink (attached): Step-by-step guide to assist you with updating your bank details in StaffLink ESS



To learn more about the changes or if you require support, please contact the HealthShare NSW Customer Service Desk via SARA or on 1300 679 367.

Mindfulness and Kindness meditation online for staff



As part of the Meditation Based Wellness and Compassion (MWAC) programme which was rolled out by NSW Health to promote staff health and well being, the following meditations are continuing to be offered online every Tuesday at 1pm, by Shehzi Yusaf, Clinical Psychologist 

Session access is via the following link: https://conference.meet.health.nsw.gov.au/webapp/conference/4369369?callType=video
1. Copy and Paste the above link in Google Chrome web browser.
2. If the link does not open automatically, you will be directed to eHealth NSW Conferencing page.
3. At the eHealth NSW Conferencing page, the person or conference to call is 4369369. Add your name and you will be redirected through to this conference.
4. Click Join. Guests/Attendees do not require a PIN.
5. Video Conference requires a PC/laptop/tablet or smartphone with a mic/speaker

01 December - Kindness Meditation
08 December - Mindfulness Meditation
15 December - Kindness Meditation

Please note all sessions start at 1.00 pm for about 30 mins

Contact for more information:

Shehzi Yusaf



Submitted by Shehzi Yusaf

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