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November 2020

PRIDE IN NSW EVENT – Inclusion Culture: Empowering LGBTQIA+ public servants in NSW



The NSW Government, through the Pride in NSW Network, are hosting a first of its kind event called, Inclusion Culture: Empowering LGBTQIA+ Public Servants in NSW on 19 November 2020, 9AM-1PM.  This is an online event and you can register via this link

Pride in NSW are delighted to report that we are now a community of 845 LGBTQIA+ public servant and allies – an amazing start, especially considering this network only started in July 2020!

The network was formed to help build the NSW public sector into a truly inclusive workplace for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, asexual and queer employees now and into the future.

The network aims to bring LGBTIQA+ members of the NSW Government and their allies together to connect, collaborate and build community. The Network will guide our leaders on building the most LGBTIQA+ inclusive workplaces possible. Pride in NSW is open to and welcomes ALL staff, whether they identify as LGBTIQA+ themselves, or as Allies.  A priority for Pride in NSW is to improve the inclusion of LGBTIQA+ colleagues working outside of the Sydney Metro area, and our team is working to find an accessible online platform to facilitate these cross-department collaborations and connections.

And if you’d like to join Pride in NSW, you can join here.

And if you’d like to be on a list to hear about the Health Pride Network being formed, please email Noel Posus at noel.posus@health.nsw.gov.au

AccessEAP November News: Navigating Change



In this issue:

• AccessEAP CEO, Sally Kirkright talks about Navigating Change during a Pandemic
• Domestic & Family Violence Awareness
• Men\'s Health
• November Awareness Days

To read the newsletter, click here.

For more information or assistance, contact AccessEAP on 1800 818 728. AccessEAP can assist when personal, family or work related concerns are impacting on your health or quality of life and also when you need guidance on professional or personal goals or effective communication skills.

Contact for more information:

Monique Richardson

1800 818 728


Submitted by Monique Richardson

Mindfulness and Kindness meditation online for staff



As part of the Meditation Based Wellness and Compassion (MWAC) programme which was rolled out by NSW Health to promote staff health and well being, the following meditations are continuing to be offered online every Tuesday at 1pm, by Shehzi Yusaf, Clinical Psychologist 

Session access is via the following link: https://conference.meet.health.nsw.gov.au/webapp/conference/4369369?callType=video
1. Copy and Paste the above link in Google Chrome web browser.
2. If the link does not open automatically, you will be directed to eHealth NSW Conferencing page.
3. At the eHealth NSW Conferencing page, the person or conference to call is 4369369. Add your name and you will be redirected through to this conference.
4. Click Join. Guests/Attendees do not require a PIN.
5. Video Conference requires a PC/laptop/tablet or smartphone with a mic/speaker

17 November - Kindness Meditation
24 November - Mindfulness Meditation
01 December - Kindness Meditation
08 December - Mindfulness Meditation
15 December - Kindness Meditation

Please note all sessions start at 1.00 pm for about 30 mins

Contact for more information:

Shehzi Yusaf



Submitted by Shehzi Yusaf

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