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October 2020

Christmas / New Year rostering period



Roster Managers are advised that the agreed date for the additional public holiday between Christmas and New Year for NSW Health employees covered by relevant Industrial Awards is Thursday, 31 December 2020.


The following public holidays have been flagged in Health Roster.


Friday 25 December 2020 – Christmas Day

Saturday 26 December 2020 – Boxing Day

Monday 28 December 2020 – additional Boxing Day public holiday

Thursday 31 December 2020 – additional public holiday

Friday 1 January 2021 – New Year’s Day


The Christmas Closedown period for 2020-2021 is Friday, 25 December to Friday, 8 January 2021 inclusive and is identified as a low activity period for the District.


Each Directorate will allocate leave while ensuring that essential services continue to be staffed appropriately.


Employees are encouraged to discuss leave arrangements with their respective manager and take full advantage of the opportunity to enjoy valuable time with family and friends.


Mindfulness and Kindness meditation online for staff



As part of the Meditation Based Wellness and Compassion (MWAC) programme which was rolled out by NSW Health to promote staff health and well being, the following meditations are continuing to be offered online every Tuesday at 1pm, by Shehzi Yusaf, Clinical Psychologist 

Session access is via the following link: https://conference.meet.health.nsw.gov.au/webapp/conference/4369369?callType=video
1. Copy and Paste the above link in Google Chrome web browser.
2. If the link does not open automatically, you will be directed to eHealth NSW Conferencing page.
3. At the eHealth NSW Conferencing page, the person or conference to call is 4369369. Add your name and you will be redirected through to this conference.
4. Click Join. Guests/Attendees do not require a PIN.
5. Video Conference requires a PC/laptop/tablet or smartphone with a mic/speaker


27 October - Mindfulness Meditation
03 November - Kindness Meditation
10 November - Mindfulness Meditation
17 November - Kindness Meditation
24 November - Mindfulness Meditation
01 December - Kindness Meditation
08 December - Mindfulness Meditation
15 December - Kindness Meditation

Please note all sessions start at 1.00 pm for about 30 mins

Contact for more information:

Shehzi Yusaf



Submitted by Shehzi Yusaf

Mental Health Awareness Webinar



Hosted by AccessEAP this 30 minute webinar will help you understand:
  • What is mental health?

  • Common mental health issues

  • What prevents people from seeking help

  • Supporting an employee with mental health issues

  • Practical tips for having a conversation: CARE

  • Where to access further support




Stress Awareness and Building Resilience Webinar


This interactive webinar aims to provide information about the nature and impact of stress and provides an overview of skills required to build resilience as an effective response to stress in the workplace. Participants will understand more about signs of unhealthy stress and are invited to identify their personal ‘stress signature’. The webinar then outlines a few key strategies that can assist participants to build a resilient response to stress in order to improve general wellbeing and functioning. The webinar applies a blend of information and interaction to support participants learning, including a brief relaxation exercise.


Webinar Outline

  • Understanding the nature of stress

  • Signs of stress

  • Awareness of our personal reactions to stress

  • Strategies to build resilience

  • Where to access further support





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