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June 2020

Fitness Passport update



Dear Members,

We know many of you are keen to start or resume training at your favourite gyms and pools. We look forward to making that happen too.

Due to the limited number of people allowed in a facility under current restrictions, Fitness Passport has decided to stay closed until further lifting of COVID-19 restrictions has occurred. We anticipate that this won’t be more than a few weeks away.

We know this news will disappoint some members however we are working to ensure that FP resumes as soon as is practical, with fewer restrictions, for a smooth and enjoyable member experience.

In the interim, remember that some of your local gyms and pools will be open, albeit with restrictions outside of their control. If you would like to train in the meantime please contact your preferred facility to see if they can offer you casual access or a short term pass. We know some gyms are offering this.

Up until now we haven’t been accepting new member applications to Fitness Passport, with restrictions easing we are now accepting applications. If you would like to sign up we can process this so you are ready to attend your favourite facility when we re-open. Please note you will not be charged for your membership until then. 

Until then, stay fit and healthy. We look forward to seeing you training again soon and thank you for your patience.

Kind regards,

FP Team


Contact for more information 

Staff Health

8890 6777



Submitted by Deirdre Beaney

2020 Quality Awards submissions deadline extended



Submitted by Polina Matveycheva on behalf of Corporate Communications

National Blood Donor Week 14 - 20 June



Last year, WSLHD Lifeblood Team was part of the half a million volunteer blood donors who gave 1.5 million donations with Australian Red Cross Lifeblood.

Congratulations to the team and to all Australia’s donors!

This year, as a special way of saying thanks a million to Australia’s donors during National Blood Donor Week (14-20 June), Lifeblood asked blood recipients, donors and anyone who has been touched by blood donation to share their stories. The response was incredible. From 14 June Lifeblood will share just some of the surprising, inspiring (and maybe a little tear-jerking) stories on the National Blood Donor Week webpage donateblood.com.au/donor-week

They’ll include stories from people like little Haven, who has a life-threatening type of anaemia and has already had 30 life-saving transfusions.

You don’t need to have received blood products to thank donors. 1 in 3 people will need blood in their lives. Chances are, you know someone who has or will.

Visit donateblood.com.au/donor-week to watch Australia say thanks and book to become a donor, or contact Jo-Anne Greaves via email to discover how to join our Lifeblood Team.


Contact for more information 

Jo-Anne Greaves

0427 237 562



Submitted by Jo-Anne Greaves

AccessEAP June news: reach out to those around you



This month’s newsletter focuses on reaching out and checking in on those around you.

In this issue:

• AccessEAP CEO, Sally Kirkright discusses why we need to reach out
• Tips for checking in
• Men's Health Week
• Parent Resources

To read the newsletter, click here.

For more information or assistance, contact AccessEAP on 1800 818 728. AccessEAP can assist when personal, family or work related concerns are impacting on your health or quality of life and also when you need guidance on professional or personal goals or effective communication skills.


Contact for more information 

Monique Richardson

02 8247 9191



Submitted by Monique Richardson

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