October 2019

Meal Entertainment and Employee Benefit cards


Westpac has advised NSW Health they will cease providing Meal Entertainment and Employee Benefit card services as of 31 March 2020, the end of the fringe benefit tax year.


NSW Health is currently finalising a tender for a replacement provider from 1 April 2020. Details will be announced soon.


If you are an existing card holder, please note that you will continue to be able to use your existing Westpac Meal Entertainment card and/or Employee Benefits card for salary packaging up to 16 March 2020. Alternatively, you can keep your receipts so they can be salary packaged on a reimbursement basis.

No new cards will be issued from 14 October 2019.

The final date for spending on Westpac Meal Entertainment card and/or Employee Benefits cards is 16 March 2020. If you have any remaining funds on your card as at 16 March 2020, these will be returned to you via payroll in May or June 2020.

Contact for more information

Smart Salary

1300 476 278


Submitted by Leanne Findlay on behalf of NSW Health

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