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January 2020

VTE Alert in eMR


A new alert will appear in the eMR for VTE Risk Assessment. This will appear every time a patient’s chart is opened in PowerChart (eMR) for all inpatients.

The alert will fire:


  • Only for Medical Officers (and any Nurse Practitioners on the new eMR)

  • If no VTE Risk Assessment has been recorded in the previous 7 days

  • Upon opening an ADULT (>16 years) INpatient’s chart in PowerChart, between 6am to 6pm only (Mon-Fri) – this is to target the treating team rather than after-hours staff

  • The alert will not fire if it has already fired for the same user and same patient in the previous 1 hour

  • Doctors will be able to override the alert by clicking 'OK' but the alert will continue to fire for an individual patient until the VTE Risk tool is completed

The alert will not fire for:

  • Emergency Departments (or in FirstNet)

  • Patients admitted under Obstetrics

  • Mental Health units

  • Hospital in the Home

  • Patient Discharge Unit

  • Brain Injury Unit (WMD)

  • St. Joseph’s Hospital

  • Palliative Care Unit (MtD)

Once the VTE risk assessment is completed, the appropriate prophylaxis must be prescribed. This is indicated by the risk assessment form, the WSLHD Anticoagulation Guidelines ( or a unit specific policy (which should be advised during term orientation).

Regular audits of form completion rates will be conducted by ward/unit with performance tables published and reported to department heads.

Contact for more information

Director of Medical Services a each hospital

Submitted by Naren Gunja

Email Archive outage


What is impacted?
Email Archive (also known as Quest Archive Manager)

Who is impacted?
All facilities using the above services.

How does it affect you?
This application will have service interruptions for one or more periods during the maintenance window.

Duration of disruption of service: Saturday 1 February 2019 8.00am–5.00pm

Details of outage
The email archive application is being migrated to new infrastructure. The application size requires this to be performed in stages over a series of weekends to minimise disruption. After an initial full outage, each subsequent maintenance window will impact a subset of application users.

Change Ref No: CHG0068810

Michael Ormerod
Application Refresh Program
eHealth NSW
02 9685 3512

Contact for more information

Michael Ormerod

02 9685 3512

Submitted by Ashish Sharma

Windows security patching and rebooting


Critical patches will be applied to all Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 devices across the LHD. This includes laptops, PCs and COWs/WOWs.

This patching is urgently required to remediate vulnerabilities that could expose the organisation to malicious attacks.

Patches are being applied on a site-by-site basis and have already been applied at Auburn, Cumberland, Blacktown and Mount Druitt Hospitals earlier this week.

Patches will continue to be applied as follows: 

  • FASS, Pathology & Community Health Centres: today, Thursday 23 January after 6.00pm       

  • Westmead Hospital: tomorrow, Friday 24 January after 6.00pm 


If a device is not on the network at the time of deployment, the patch will deploy the next time the device is logged onto the network.

You will be able to continue using your device while the patches are being deployed. After the patch is deployed, you will be prompted to reboot. While you will not be forced to reboot, it is strongly recommended that you do so as soon as convenient. DHS will monitor the deployment to ensure that devices have successfully received the patches and rebooted within a reasonable timeframe. If devices have not been rebooted within a reasonable timeframe, DHS may force a reboot.

For further information contact the State Wide Service Desk on 1300 285 533.

Contact for more information

Vanessa Stokes

1300 285 533

Submitted by Leanne Findlay on behalf of Vanessa Stokes

Quality Audit Reporting System (QARS) scheduled upgrade


Please note that the Quality Audit Reporting System (QARS) application will be upgraded to Version 6.0 and will include additional functionalities and features.

This scheduled upgrade of the QARS application will occur on Thursday 6 February between 1.00pm and 5.00pm.

Access to QARS will be unavailable during this time. Please ensure you save your work and log out before 12.00pm on this day.

If you have any questions, please contact OR

Contact for more information

Aishwarya Ramesh

0448 256 709

Submitted by Aishwarya Ramesh

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