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August 2020

What’s New for SARA users?


New form for requesting Remote Access

Remote access can now be requested through SARA by selecting the ‘Remote Access Request’ form. This form consolidates what were previously several different paper forms and introduces a common workflow, where each request is routed to the appropriate fulfilment team, enhancing the user experience and reducing fulfilment times.


New form for requesting Shared Drive Access

Shared drive access can now be requested through SARA by selecting the ‘Shared Drive Access’ form. This is another example of consolidating a series of different paper forms into one common online form which can be used across multiple LHDs and providing an improved experience for staff who are requesting and fulfilling requests.


New form for Patient Duplicate / Merge Notification (AUID/MRN)

The former Clinical Patient Information Updates (AUID/MRN) form has been replaced with two separate forms. The old form has been renamed the Patient Corrections / Information Updates form which will now only be used to request a correction to patient information within one patient record.


A new form, the Patient Duplicate / Merge Notification (AUID/MRN) form, will now be available for notification of duplicate persons (same patient) within PAS. This will reduce confusion amongst users by having separate forms and streamline fulfillment by routing tasks directly to local support teams where appropriate. Further details are available in Knowledge article KB0018332.

Updated email signature


NSW Health has updated their email signature graphic to include a reference to mask wearing.


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