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August 2020

Planned maintenance - upgrade to Citrix Receiver Client



At WSLHD, FASS & Pathology, various clinical and corporate applications incl. eMR, eRIC and iPM run on Citrix.

Our current Citrix Receiver version is End of Life (EOL), necessitating an upgrade to the Citrix client on all PCs, laptops and WOWs across the organisation. The upgrade will ensure continued functionality and support for the application.

The upgrade will be rolled out across the organisations in a phased approach between Monday, 14 September 2020 and Monday, 7 December 2020, according to the schedule below. Further communications will be sent to each department/organisation prior to the upgrade being rolled out to their area.

What is the impacted service?

​eMR, eRIC, iPM on PCs running Citrix Receiver Client

What is the impact to end users?

Users will not be able to access Citrix-hosted applications during the time of Citrix Client Receiver installation. Approximate outage is 15 – 20 minutes per device.

Users will receive a prompt before the installation begins and will have the option to postpone the installation for up to 90 minutes.

Affected devices:

​All WSHLD, FASS & Pathology PCs, COWs, Kiosks and Laptops

Date of installation and installation guide:

See attachments above.    


Further details:

​Note that the deployment may be gradual across devices in your department, and installation on your device may be at any time after the above time. If a device is powered off or not on the network, installation will occur the next time the device is powered on and connected to the network.




For further information contact the State Wide Service Desk on 1300 285 533

Submitted by Polina Matveycheva on behalf of Corporate Communications 

Corporate Services maintenance and outage



What is impacted?
StaffLink; Corporate IT Integration Services; Invoice Scanning (Kofax); Prevocational Medical Accreditation (PMAWeb); Recruitment and On boarding (ROB); VaxLink (Vaccinations); Asset and Facilities Management System (AFM Online); VMoney Web; VCMWeb; Corporate Reporting & Analytics;

Who is impacted?
All facilities using the above services.

How does it affect you?
These applications will have service interruptions for one or more periods during the maintenance windows.

Duration of disruption of service

Thursday 10 December, 7:00pm -11:00 pm

Sunday 13 December, 8:00am - 8:00pm

Details of outage
Security patching and critical update patching to all of the above systems, which are directly impacted.

Change Ref No: CHG0077127 (Parent), CHG0083843 (Child) / CHG0083844 (Child)

Date Approved: 22 January 2020

Contact for more information:
Johan Claessen, Release and Configuration Specialist
Corporate Programs
02 8644 2825

Submitted by Ashish Sharma

MoH SharePoint Servers maintenance.



What is impacted?
Ministry Applications
• Ministry Intranet
• Ministry SharePoint Workplace collaboration sites
• Policy Distribution System authoring
• Online forms – Performance, Private Interest, Travel (Domestic & Overseas), Employee Separation
• Procurement Portal
• 1 Reserve Road Portal

Who is impacted?
Users of applications listed above including Ministry of Health, LHDs and other Speciality networks.

What is the impact to end users?
Application listed above will have an outage during the change implementation window.

Duration of outage:
Start: Friday 4 September, at 7:00 PM
Finish: Sunday 6 September, at 7:00 PM

Further details of the outage:
eHealth Server Engineering and SharePoint Application team will be deploying Windows/Application Security updates to servers that will apply fixes to known flaws in Microsoft products and operating systems. The fixes, known as patches, are to help improve performance, stability, and security.

Inadequate patch management can leave gaps in the IT infrastructure leading to instability, cyberattacks, and support issues with vendors. If exposed to vulnerabilities that create security weakness, corrupt critical system data, or cause system unavailability.

Change Request No: CHG0138629 (Business Urgent)

Date Approved: 2 September 


Contact for more information:

Bimal Balakrishna
MoH - SharePoint Administrator
04 4985 7240

Submitted by Ashish Sharma

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