March 2020

WSLHD 2020 Quality Awards Program call for submissions



A fabulous opportunity to showcase innovative work is now available to all staff across WSLHD.

You and your team are invited to enter a submission in the 2020 WSLHD Quality Awards program. The project will reflect the great work undertaken by you and your team to ensure the patient experience is enhanced.

Submission/s are to be forwarded to your local quality manager following approval by your immediate manager. All projects are to be forwarded locally no later than 31 May 2020.

Your local quality manager is also available to assist you with any enquiries.

The entry submission template together with the framework (provides relevant information regarding the categories etc.) are readily available on the Quality Awards intranet page.



Contact for more information

Natalie Fester Lloyd

0429 395 78


Submitted by Natalie Fester Lloyd

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