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October 2020

Routine Growth Assessment Survey


Routine growth assessments of all children attending our health facilities forms good clinical practice. To ensure we are providing high quality care and to further develop this practice, we'd like to better understand how the assessments are happening across WSLHD by hearing from our staff.


If you see children in your clinical area, please take 10 minutes to complete this survey so we can identify where we can better support you to conduct this essential measure.


There are a variety of incentives available for the first 50 staff who complete the survey. The survey will stay open until Friday 6 November.


Click here to complete the survey

Latest decisions of the WSLHD drug committee


Please see the WSLHD Drug Committee Latest Decisions page for all recent amendments to the formulary and newly published drug-related documents here.

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Marcelle Appay


Submitted by Marcelle Appay

eMeds live in HITH from 3 November 


What is happening?

Hospital In The Home (HITH) service at Western Sydney LHD will be going live with eMeds on Tuesday 3rd November 2020.

What do I need to do?

With the implementation of eMeds for the WSLHD HITH service, there will be workflow changes for medical, nursing, pharmacy and clerical staff:

  • HITH Medications should be prescribed in eMeds. Note: DO NOT use the paper medication chart (NIMC) for HITH medications.


  • HITH Medications to be supplied by the Hospital Pharmacy are to be prescribed on eMeds generated prescriptions OR send prescriptions electronically (at Blacktown and Mount Druitt only).


  • When the patient is discharged from the hospital to HITH service, the patient location in eMR must be transferred to HITH in IPM and NOT discharged. 


  • AFTER the patient is admitted to HITH service, Medical Officers must discontinue patients’ medications that are NOT to be administered by HITH nursing staff using the Transfer Reconciliation functionality in eMeds. The MAR should only contain medications that are to be administered by HITH nursing staff.

Contact for more information

A/Prof. Naren Gunja, CMIO at

Liz Ellankil, eMeds Manager at

Michael Ataalla, eMeds Applications Specialist OR

Wade McKeown, eMeds Applications Specialist

Submitted by Liz Ellankil

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