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July 2020

New COVID-19 community resources website


With so much COVID-19 information available and advice on restrictions rapidly changing, western Sydney residents and community organisations have told us it’s hard to know where to find the latest, trustworthy health advice.

In response, our Centre for Population Health has launched a COVID-19 Community Resources website so the local community has easy access to credible health and wellbeing information in one spot.

The new website provides direct links to trusted websites including NSW Health, state and federal Governments, as well as to mental health and wellbeing, financial, legal and housing supports during COVID-19.

Subscribe here for updates and share the link with your colleagues, friends and family.

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Elissa Miller


Submitted by Elissa Miller

Recent amendments to the WSLHD Drug Formulary


The WSLHD Drug Committee has recently made the following amendments to the Drug Formulary:

Insulin Glargine (Optisulin®) 100 Units / mL Cartridge and Pen Device
Indication: For the management of Diabetes in accordance with the PBS.

Buprenorphine Subcutaneous Injection (Sublocade®) 100 mg / 0.5 mL and 300 mg / 1.5 mL
Indication: Treatment of Opiate Dependence
Restricted to PBS S100 Opiate Dependence criteria AND to Drug Health.

Amendment to Formulary Status: Iron Carboxymaltose Injection (All Strengths) Inpatient use of Ferric Carboxymaltose is RESTRICTED and is ONLY approved for:

  • Iron deficiency in heart failure with or without anaemia and where a low volume infusion is required - restricted to Cardiology inpatients and inpatients seen in consultation by Cardiology.

  • Iron deficiency in fluid-overloaded renal patients who have proven iron deficiency where a low infusion volume is required - restricted to Renal Medicine inpatients and inpatients seen in consultation by Renal Medicine.

All other inpatient indications require Individual Patient Use (IPU) approval from the WSLHD Drug Committee PRIOR to dispensing. All IPU requests MUST include recent HAEMOGLOBIN, IRON LEVEL, TRANSFERRIN, TRANSFERRIN SATURATION, FERRITIN and MUST include JUSTIFICATION of why other iron preparations cannot be used.


Where parenteral iron is required for an inpatient, consideration should be given to less expensive preparations such as Iron Polymaltose (Ferrosig).

Please see the WSLHD Drug Committee Latest Decisions Page for further information.

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Marcelle Appay

8890 6015

Submitted by WSLHD Drug Committee

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